Welcome to cmips

Welcome to CMIPS, Carles MIPS.

CMIPS is a program written in C++ by Carles Mateo with the purpose of sharing the different measurements of performance from Cloud Providers.

I’ve seen great differences in performance, time serving dynamic web pages (mostly PHP), and in price per hour from different Cloud providers, so often I asked myself what real speed one of the Instances/Virtual machines had, what was the best instance size suitable for my needs and what was the cost per unit of power, and what was the best price/performance provider. So I decided to write cmips and run in all the Cloud Providers instance sizes, and in some Physical Dedicated Servers as well to compare performances.

CMIPS is written in C++ and compiled in 64 bits. I’ve also a 32 bit version but I did only for testing Raspberry Pi. And a support for windows also, that I’ve never tested. 🙂

CMIPS is multithread and V.1.0.3 launches 100 threads to get an accurate idea of the servers performance of those servers with so many cores.

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